saskichuuei (saskichuuei) wrote,

Otakon 2010 : Day One

( This was all written in the hotel without internet, so it's somewhat late. )

Otakon Day 1:

Ohaaa! We successfully arrived at Otakon~ It only took us a few minutes to get in and registered, which I thought would have been so much longer but it turns out that if you get there around noon then it's amazing. Like no line at all! So we got in and went straight to the top floor to finish painting Matt, anddd on the first floor I found Jasmine You! :D Well I spotted one waiting out in the registration line and took a pic, but found her later at the Rave. :3

Anyways-- so we went wandering around the Dealers Room-- snuck into the line lulz... ( > o > ) After looking clueless-- I'm brilliant! :D Anyhow- we went into the dealers room and got a few things: I got a neat Kanon T-shirt and I can get a picture with him tomorrow! :D

Our next big thing was going to the Q&A session-- what I was really disappointed about was how we waited patiently in the line and when the doors opened people came flooding in-- it really wasn't fair at all. And then throughout the thing people were recording it, despite the rule of no recording or video of any sort. Not fair, right? Right. So we managed to get up to the front around the end where he was packing up! And it was really awesome because we were able to take a few pictures of him up close. :D I felt weird though-- like I was invading his personal space. And so me and Trish had the guts to go and ask "Vocaloid ga suki desu ka?" So he smiled at us and told us that he liked Vocaloid! :D And me and Trish were Meiko and Miku~~~ So he looked at me and smiled warmly and handed me a little flier and I was like, "sldkfjsldf Arigatou gozaimasu!!!"

So there were girls behind us going "D< WHY DO THEY GET TO TALK TO KANON!??!!? lskdjflskdfjlsdkffsd ::floods::" and then me and her got squished. ( ; - ; ) It really was very disappointing to be quite honest-- I didn't realize that fans could be so viscous. And that leaves me to the conclusion that being in the first row at a jrock concert is going to get me killed since I'm a shortie.

Anyhow- we went, stalked Roger, I got a pic. :3 Went to dinner and then got changed back at home and then we went to the rave!

I met Ai and found the Jasmine cosplayer. O: Hopefully we'll be super awesome again tomorrow-- we left the rave early cause Trish's head started hurting and we wanted bubble tea... ( >  o > ) Mostly cause Kanon wasn't being the DJ, but there's another tomorrow night from what I understand. :3

Well I'm off to shower now ::laugh:: Will write about the day 2 tomorrow~~~ <3
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