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Shopping Service!

So while I’m living in Japan, I figured that I might as well open up a shopping service to anyone who’s interested. This can go anywhere from Lolita goods, cosplay goods, figures, CDs, UFO machine prizes, and also various types of candies and home accessories.

Service Fee:

15% of the total cost of the item(s)
+ 300yen
+ Shipping
+Paypal Fees (2.9% + $0.30USD)


Item = 2000yen
Estimated Paypal Fees = 114yen
2000 + 300 + 300 + 114
Total Cost: 2714 (without shipping)

Paypal only! (Temporary!)


  1. Email me what you’d like at

  2. Please please please, when you’re emailing your request, make sure to include photos of what you would like, the brand, and details. Also, if you’re going off of a website, please make sure to include the cost of the item. Also, please make sure to include your paypal address.

  3. After you send me what you’d like, I’ll reply back to you with an approximate cost for everything. From there, I’ll send you an invoice for half the item cost plus commission fee. I will only purchase your item if you pay, so the faster you pay the faster you get what you want. :P

  4. After purchasing your item, I’ll send you an invoice for the total cost plus a shipping estimate. Keep in mind that heavier items will weigh more, and that food items will need to be shipped faster. If shipping comes out to cost more than what I charged, I will have to invoice you (one more) for the difference. If it’s less, then I’ll refund you.

  5. Happy shopping<3


♡I ask that you pay a deposit of the total cost of the item so that I know that you’re serious (and so that I have money to actually purchase it with)
♡I can usually head out to big cities on weekends. Weekdays, cities that are closer are easier for me to get to and finish orders.

♡In order to provide exactly what you want, please be sure to supply me with a photo.
♡If I am unable to get you exactly what you want, I’ll refund you entirely
♡If there are any price adjustments (if it costs more, if it’s cheaper, etc…) I’ll note that in the price.
♡If you’d like something from a UFO machine, please keep in mind that those things are hard as hell to get and it may take at least 1000yen to win something, depending on the type of game it is.
♡I do NOT do lolita releases—- those are too hectic for me and I’m afraid that I can’t make it out to stores to purchase those items. However, if you want lolita goods, I can easily get you those as long as they are already available.


♡I don’t mind heading out to cities to find specific shops, but keep in mind that I can only do those on weekends
♡Webshops are okay
♡Online orders are okay
♡I can try auctions, but I’m not making any promises.


♡Liz Lisa
♡Tower Records (Machida)
♡Ank Rogue
♡Lip Service
♡Basically anywhere in Machida109
♡Closet Child Shinjuku
♡Marui One Ebina
♡Marui One Machida

etc… of course i can go to other places, but just keep in mind that there may be extra fees depending on how far it is! ;3

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